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Power Distribution Equipment

Prices are shown at "24 Hour" rate. Consecutive Extra 24 Hour hire rate 50% extra per day, capped at week rate. Week rate is twice 24 Hour rate.
e.g. Item is 10 per day, 15 for 2 days, 20 per week (all + VAT)

Distro, H07/SY Cable, CEE Forms, Etc

Item Description EX VAT INC VAT
Rubber Box 1409 32A SPN+E inlet, 32A RCBO Incomer, 4x16A MCB, 4 x 16A SPN+E outlets 20 24.00
10U Amp Rack 10U Wheeled Rack, Front & back removable doors, 16A SPN+E plug, 2m 2.5mm2 H07 cable, 4 way 13A fused socket block, attached to rack 20 24.00
10m 32A Cable 32A SPN+E PLug, 10m 6mm2 Type SY semi armoured, L+N+E, cable, 32A SPN+E socket 8 9.60
32A TPN+E to SPN+E convertor cable 32A TPN+E plug, 10m 6mm2 Type SY semi armoured cable, 32A SPN+E socket, please advise which phase it should be connected to (L1,L2,L3 or Red, Yellow, Blue, or Brown, Black, Grey) 6 7.20
10m 16A Cable 16A SPN+E Plug, 10m 2.5mm2 H07 cable, 16A SPN+E Socket 4 4.80
5m 16A Cable 16A SPN+E Plug, 5m 2.5mm2 H07 cable, 16A SPN+E Socket 2.503.00
1m 13A to 16A 13A Plug, 1m 1.5mm2 H07 cable, 16A SPN+E socket 2 2.80
16A to 13A 4 Way 16A SPN+E plug, 2.5mm2 H07 cable, black, 13A fused 4 way socket outlet 2 2.80
16A "H" Splitter H shaped spiltter, 16A SPN+E inlet, 3 16A SPN+E outlets 5 6.00

Other Distro available on request, please call for further details

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