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About Us

We have been continuosly trading for over 35 years, supplying DJ, Disco, PA and Lighting Equipment to a lot of happy customers!

We originally came about to supply the very early disco industry, which was still using modified Hi-Fi equipment to perform with. Our founder, Cliff Wilding, himself a Mobile DJ, gained considerable electronics knowledge through his daytime job working for BT, or the GPO as it was then! The name, Early Riser, harks bark to this era, as, simply put, he wasn't, and his BT colleagues gave him this nickname, due to his nightime DJing impinging on his daytime work!

Being of an enterprenaurial spirit, he spotted the gap in the market, and with his electronics knowledge and love of music and DJing, started Early Riser Disco Centre, itself born of Early Riser Disco Services, his mobile DJing brand.

Over a short time, the shop begain to thrive, and moved to its current location in 1980, and is much as it was, except for the odd expansion to cope with our increasing stock holding.

A further brand was formed in 1981, Wilding Sound Ltd, which is still us, but serving the installation and live production/conferencing markets. Both brands, the Retail Shop and Hire Dept. - Early Riser Disco Centre, and our installation and Live Production arm - Wilding Sound Ltd, continue to trade strongly, but with the original ethos still very much at the forefront of what we do - offering Great Value and Outstanding Service.

Key Staff

Chris Pilling - Managing Director

Chris has been with the company since near its inception, initially as a Saturday Boy, and quickly becoming full time. His value to the company was soon realised, and he became Managing Director longer ago than he cares to remember. Through his succesful stewardship, we continue to succesfully provide the DJ industry with great products, fairly priced, and with an eye on detail and service.

Chris' own electronics knowledge is deep, building 100s of amplifiers in the 80's under the Wilding Powersound brand. Many of these amps are still in daily use today! He also appreciates good music, especially if it is also well recorded, Steely Dan being one of his favourites.

Matt Stolton - Technical Director

Matt only joined the company in 1997, and is a relative new comer! Initially a customer of the shop, his talent was spotted whilst he refitted his Student's Union Bar with a complete Sound & Lighting System. On leaving University, with a Desmond in Chemistry, Chris saw his potential and offered him a job. Foolishly he accepted and has been with us ever since!

Matt's scientific background stands him in good stead for the technical side of the business, knowing the right end of soldering iron from the other, and generally being able to read manuals and standards and absorb them. He has very much driven the move of our Hire Dept. to use higher grade equipment, offering improved relaibility and quality. He is also our main engineer for live events, having learnt to mix live bands during his spell at university, and quickly transfering and adapting these skills to conference applications.

Matt's major contribution to the comapany was regards its IT systems. With more and more products, particularly on the installation side, needing network capabilities, or configuration by Laptop, Matt's PC prowess is invaluable to the next generation of products being sold and installed. He also maintains the Websites, and supports the in house network.

Gary Barker - Hire Department Manager

Gary joined the team in 2004, and quickly showed great skill in fault finding and repairs. Over time his repoitoire of competancies has continued to grow, and continues to develop and impress.

Whilst not in the workshop, he personally overseas every hire, testing every system before the customer collects, to ensure absolute reliability. He also makes a very competant cup of coffee, which is always welcome!

Cliff Wilding - Founder

Cliff's career started way back when, and developed from being a highly skilled mobile DJ, through to succesful business owner, and was very much a pillar of the industry, being a founder of British Association of Discothèque Equipment Manufacturers (BADEM), itself the foundation of PLASA, for which he continued to be a respected voice.

After starting Early Riser Disco Centre, and subsequently Wilding Sound Ltd, he then turned his attentions to supplying the trade of the Disco Industry, and founded Light Engineering, a manufacturer and distributor of primarily lighting equipment to the industry.

One of Cliff's greatest skills was thinking outside of the box, and anyone who has owned a Light Engineering Pinspot will testify to the cleverness of design, which is actually a plastic moulding from guttering downpipes. The success of this one product alone, meant the factory supplying the plumbing parts actually dedicated a machine to just this one part! He was also known for his bespoke work, particularly mirrorware, making some of the worlds largest mirrorballs, typically up to 8ft in diameter, and custom shapes, such as a 6ft dichroic glass mirrored egg for a David Bowie tour. During this time, he still continued to perform as a mobile DJ, and did so for many entire families, performing at Weddings, Christenings and eventually at the Weddings of the children at the christenings!

Sadly, Cliff passed away in June 2008, very suddenly, and very prematurely. His input is sadly missed, but his inspiration and foundation lives on, with Early Riser and Wilding Sound carrying on with increasing success.

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