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Special Offer - Added February 28, 2014

iPod Party Package 1 - Just £99 inc VAT

This system is designed to accept an input from your iPod or laptop, and includes a mic for those important words, "the bar is now open".

It includes a SoundCraft GigRack600, 2x300W RMS mixer/amplifier, a pair of Deltec MX3 (400W RMS, 1x12" + Compression Driver) Speakers, tripod stands, and all leads, including the lead from your iPod or laptop headphone-out-socket.

We use a special lead for laptop connection, which eradicates the background hissy/crackly noises created by some laptop power supplies.

Also included is a twin Colourstrip Mini LED lighting package.

Normal Prices:
iPod Pack 2 - £79 inc VAT
ColourStrip Mini Pack - £39 inc VAT
Total £118 inc VAT

Offer Price - £99 inc VAT

You save £19!!

  • SoundCraft GigRack Mixer Amplifier
  • 2 x Deltec MX3 Speakers
  • 2 x Speaker Tripod Stands
  • 2 x ColorStrip Minis LED Effects
  • Corded Microphone
  • All leads for full operation
Order Code - iPod Party Package 1
Price: £ 99 inc VAT
Refundable Deposit: £200
  • Wiring Guide - Coming Soon

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What our clients say;

... I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work that your lads did at the party...They did a superb job which ensured the whole event was a real success.

- Kathryn, Walthamstow

... As usual you did an excellent job with the professionalism that we have come to expect from your company.

- Ian, Manor Park

... Throughout our dealings, I have found you to be understanding, knowledgeable and thoroughly helpful which, in this day and age, seems to be a rarity.

- Graham, Finchley